Seedze Relief Kit Features:

  • Instant relief. Help you easily manage pain and stress, and improve overall wellness.
  • Multi-level relief experience 3-in-1: combine 3 therapies into 1 product to create a never-before relief experience. Thermal therapy + far infrared radiation therapy +traditional aromatherapy with  100% pure plant essential aroma-pad.
  • Three (3) different heating levels tailored to different needs: different people have different skin heat sensations, and even same person has the different heat sensation on himself/herself different body areas. Seedze provides 3 different temperature levels that you can choose your preferred one that works best for you.
  • Lightweight, small size, wearable and easy to use and relieve anytime, anywhere with compact & sleek design;
  • Accurate targeting multiple areas for simultaneous relief at the same time.

 Seedze aims to relieve pain of:
-Back pains
-Neck pains, like: neck pains caused by too much dependence on digital screens (also known as "text neck"); or by long time air-con cold air blowing over the neck that causes neck stiffness, etc.
-Shoulder pains, like people sticking too much to the computer screen, or elderly with frozen shoulders.
-Wrist pains. Carpal tunnel syndrome, like mommy wrist, mouse arm, tennis player, pianist, craft artist, those who have repetitive hand use or arthritis, the occupational pains.
-Arms, legs or knee pains.
-Period cramps for women.
Seedze also aims to reduce the stress, like chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), insomnia, etc. and improves overall wellness.

What's Inside the Kit?

Each Seedze Relief Kit includes:

  • 1 Seedze Relief device with 4 heaters and 1 charging box
  • 1 box of Seedze Relief Aroma-patch with 30 pieces
  • 1  USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Position Guide Reference

Color: White