Seedze Relief: Instant Relief for Pain and Stress

$379.00 $399.00
Seedze Relief Features:

1. Instant relief for pain and stress;
2. Physical therapy and pure 100% plant essential therapy;
3. Easy to use and relieve anytime anywhere;
4. Over thousand years of traditional therapy with innovative reinvention;
5. Tiny device with handy on-the-go;
6. Accurate positions therapy;
7. Four tiny heaters allows multi-positions therapy at the same time;

Seedze aims to relieve pains of:
-Back pains. For example: back pains caused by improper sitting position, long driving, long time sitting or sedentary lifestyle, etc.
-Neck pains. For example: neck pains caused by too much dependence on digital screens like phone, computer (also known as "text neck"); or by long time air-con cold air blowing over the neck that causes neck stiffness, etc.
-Shoulder pains. Like computer workers or elder people with frozen shoulders.
-Wrist pains. Carpal tunnel syndrome, like mommy wrist, mouse arm, tennis player, pianist, craft artist, those who have repetitive hand use or arthritis.
-Arms, legs or knees pains.
-Period cramps pains for women.
Seedze also aims to reduce the stress, like chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), insomnia, etc.
*Patches included in the pack.