Chronic Pain, Acute Pain Relief Patch: Plant-based Essential Oils Patch, Traditional Therapy

Seedze Wellness

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 100% Pure Natural Plant Essential Oils Patch: Plus our wellness pack provides Patches that are made of a blend of 100% pure natural plant essential oils. All these plant-based oils are good to relieve pain and ease your discomforts.

Together with the help of Graphene-FIR-Smart-Heater, the FIRs help the essential oils penetrate sooner and deeper into your skin.

We take the wellness health care wisdom from tradition. With scientific formula proportion of blends of plant-based essentials, and with help of experts in pharmacology, traditional medicine, wellness, gynecologists, product design, and manufacturing, we have created  this all-natural patch for  pain relief and health-promoting, tested in clinical settings and by practicing doctors on patients to assure the patch is safe and effective.

Each patch is made and coated on iron sheet, to make it attracted by the Graphene Smart Wellness Heater.