The tendency for people suffering from chronic pain and stress is increasing, especially with more and more people’s dependence on screens. But because of time or money restrictions, few can visit doctors regularly for relief.

The need for a creative product that helps people effectively self-care their pain and stress is pressing.
With lots of research and surveys, we have created Seedze Relief, something that has been clinically tested and proved effective.
We are here to help people find relief from the pain and stress.

Seedze Relief: A Multi-level Relief Experience That You Never Have Had Before

With the help of designers and hardware physics experts, physiotherapists, health doctors, gynecologists, and pharmacists, Seedze Relief creates a never-before experienced type of relief on multiple levels.

 How Does Seedze Relief Work?

Inspired by thousands of years of traditional therapy moxibustion, Seedze Relief uses a combination of graphene heating technology, infrared radiation light waves, and essential oils to create a multi-level relief experience.

What Differentiates Seedze Relief?

Seedze Relief is the most effective and easy self-care way to relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve your health.

No. 1 Instant Relief Effects
When you power on Seedze Relief, it heats up instantly, and you will experience instant relief.

No. 2 Multi-level Relief Experience
Seedze Relief combines multiple cutting-edge technologies that create a relief experience never seen before. Seedze Relief combines graphene heating technology, far infrared radiation (or FIR) treatment, and the aromatherapy patch that all work together to relieve pain and stress.
Seedze Relief uses cutting-edge technologies from Physics (graphene is something that related to Nobel Prize), Biology & Medical theory (far infrared radiation), and traditional aromatherapy that generate synergistic effects to improve your wellness effectively.
No. 3 Compact & Wearable Relief Device
Seedze Relief uses a magnetic-attraction design that enables you to keep active and wear the device to continue your relief progress.
User-friendly is our primary product design principle.
Seedze Relief is compact, handy and portable that allows you to easily manage your pain & stress. Thus, you can apply your relief experience anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are at home, at work, or on-the-go.
No. 4 Smart & Stable Temperature Control
Seedze Relief provides 3 levels of heating temperature. Seedze Relief provides a stable temperature thermo-therapy. Once you select one temperature level, it will keep stable, from the beginning to the end. While compared with other thermo-therapy methods, like a hot water bottle/bag, those are very hot at the beginning, then gradually become cold at the end.
Also Seedze Relief provides a smart temperature control with pre-set duration. It will automatically turn off once the time is due; this will enable better treatment effects according to everyone’s different needs.
No. 5 Simultaneous Targeting Multi-Positions Precisely
Seedze Relief provides 4 heaters per pack. This is very helpful and important for those who need simultaneous pain relief treatment in different areas. For example, if you are suffering from the cramps of menstrual pains, you may need to relieve your pains on the belly, as well as the pains on your lower back. If you are an office worker sitting all day long in front of a computer, you may need to get your neck and shoulder relieved at the same time. The pains are related, and Seedze Relief pack can easily solve your problem with its heaters.
Besides, because Seedze Relief is handy and tiny, it can precisely target your troubled areas for better relief effects. This is very important especially for those who have joint pains, like knees, and wrists where the painful area is small, our tiny device can more accurately target these positions.

 No. 6 100% Pure Natural Plant Extract Essential Oils Aroma-Patch
Seedze Relief Patch is made of 100% pure natural plant extract, whose ingredients are verified and have been proven effective through thousands of years of traditional therapy. Every ingredient in the formula is good to improve the health and wellness.

Seedze Relief aims to better your life through pain and stress management. Your never before relief experience starts NOW, from Seedze Relief.


"Pain is a fact. Suffering is a choice. "

--by Naval Ravikant