We integrate new science technology and traditional medicine into our products. We use graphene in our heater product. Graphene conducts heat and electricity very efficiently along its plane; research findings on “graphene” bring 2 scientists honor of Nobel Prize in Physics. Graphene emits FIR whose wavelength very close to the human body that helps to improve health.

Also, we take the wellness health care wisdom from tradition. With scientific formula proportion of blends of plant-based essentials, and with help of experts in pharmacology, traditional medicine, wellness, gynecologists, product design, and manufacturing, we have created all-natural pain relief and health-promoting patches, tested in clinical settings and by practicing doctors on patients to assure the patch is safe and effective.

Features & Details

Hi-Tech: Graphene (on which 2 scientists had been awarded Nobel Prize for property researches ) is the best material for FIR treatment on the human body.

Fast Acting: The heater is fast heated within 3 seconds due to graphene property. You can immediately feel pain relief.

Easy Using: You just start the heater and put it on the patch, then it starts to work! The magnetic attraction between the heater and the patch makes it very easy to use. You don’t need to prepare any hot pad or hot pack and binding them.

Smart Temperature Control: The heater has 3 levels of smart temperature control, and will auto turn off at some preset time: Green Level(45℃) and Blue Level (50℃) will last for 30 mins, Red Level(55℃) will last for 20 mins. This will prevent long-time heating hurts your skin. By comparing, other generic heating products in the market may be too overheated or temperature unstable, and no timing control at all; which maybe not safe.

Multi-Applications at the Same Time: Our pack has 4 heaters, which allows you to use multi-application at the same time. For example, if you are experiencing menstrual period cramps, you in all probability need to relieve both your lower abdomen pains and waist pains. Or if you are a very busy office staff with heavy computer paperwork, you sit in front of your computer a lot, then you might need to relieve your stiff neck and shoulders, and the wrists too. These 4 heaters will help you a lot to ease the pains at the same time.

All Natural Ingredients: We use all-natural, plant-based ingredients (mugwort, holly, ginger, eucalyptus, etc). We use patented tech to make sure the patch isn’t greasy, oily, or sticky.

Discreet & Convenient: We designed the heater and patch light so that you feel comfortable. It provides discreet pain relief at work, school, or the gym and can be carried on the go. You can take it with you everywhere you go. Just drop it in your tote, car, or gym bag.

Quick Rechargeable & Large Capacity Battery Power Bank: Graphene conducts heat and electricity very efficiently, so it is quick to recharge. The charging box with a digital display screen is also a small power bank for the heaters, with a large capacity battery of 1600mAh.