Our Mission: Help More People Less Suffering

Our story begins with human caring.

Our founder, Woods Fivv, is an orthopedist. Everyday he sees lots of patients who has body pains.  Some of them are acute pains, but most of them are chronic pains. And most of the chronic pains are arise from bad habits or improper postures or not healthy life style, or even unavoidable work needs. He finds the trends of increase of young generation in his patients. Then he realizes that there is a pressing need for thoughtful, easy-use and effective products.

Our co-founder, Vera is a therapist in a traditional medicine clinic.

One day Vera was doing a moxibustion to ease the menstrual period cramps and backache when Woods visited. 

Can we use some safer and easier way to get more and more people do their self-care treatment and improve their health? 

Woods and Vera discussed this idea a lot, and Woods decided to do something to make it easy for people to relieve the pains at home or any place, not just in hospital or clinic. 

So on the mission to help more and more people less suffering pains by their self-care treatment, we set out to spark a movement to relieve the pain. We did lots of studies and survey regarding Physics on electrothermal, optics, FIR, biology, medical,  materials for heat and electricity conduction, etc.

With decades of working experiences in the healthcare industry, and with the help of experts in gynecology, pharmacology, traditional medicine, wellness, physiotherapists, hardware physics, and with tons of clinical experiments, finally we launch this product Seedze: the Relief Pack for self-care pain and stress management.

Seedze combines multi-level cutting-edge technologies of graphene heating technology, far infrared radiation treatment technology, and plant-based essential oils patch of traditional medicine therapy, to create a multi-levels relief experience never-before.

With the experts on product design, we make it very user-friendly: compact, handy, and easy to use.

We can talk a lot of about the benefits and advantages of Seedze Relief, compared to other relief products.You can refer to our blog for the product design and formula for the heater and the patch. Visit this: Seedze Product Insight

Start a new relief experience with Seedze NOW!