Seedze Product Insight: Behind Seedze Relief

Seedze Relief: Wearable Wellness Pack to Relieve Pains and Stress

Q1: Why we choose graphene in our pain relief heater?

Inspired by moxibustion, it is not safe to use the burning strip to make moxibustion. We need to find some more safe way to do it. 

From the physics therapy methodology, the heat is to promote blood and micro-material circulation through the body.  We tried a lot of different materials to generate the heat, and find graphene is the best materials for our product. Not only because of its excellent fast heating property, but also because of its far infrared rays length very similar to human body's. This will make it a outstanding material for human body health and wellness.

Another attribute of graphene is the light weight. As we do some research on the market heating pad or heating hot bottle, one common problem is the heavy weight which is not easy to carry along. Graphene's light weight is the perfect solution to this problem. Graphene is a very promising materials that relates to Nobel Prize in Physics, and also a cutting-edge technology.


Q2: Why choose mugwort, ginger, holly seeds, ginseng, etc, in the Patch formula?

There are several reasons we finalize this formula for our Traditional Formula Patch:

#1. Mugwort: mugwort(sometime called wormwood) is a very good traditional herbal medicine in history, referring to, mugwort is excellent herbal medicine For Calming the Nerves, Promoting Menstruation, and Relieving Pain, Swelling, Itching. Though it may be alergic for someone who is alergic to ragweed, its excellent therapeutic effects is something we can not give up. It treats many health maladies, includes:

  • Headache
  • Epilepsy
  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Anxiety
  • Hypochondria (obsession with being ill)
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Depression

Also, mugwort contains artemisinin which is a very important material that relates a Nobel Prize in Medicine in Year 2015 to Tu Youyou.

#2: Ginger, holly seeds, ginseng, eucalyptus, etc.: we take these in our formula to relieve pains, ease mindset, reduce swelling, etc.

For example: ginger tea has anit-inflammatory properties, which reduces period pains.

 100% pure nature plant-based essential oils of Patch

Q3: Why 4 heaters one pack?

While we were doing researches on other market products, we found that there is a need to relieve pains on different body parts at the same time. For example, if you are experiencing menstrual period cramps, you in all probability need to relieve both your lower abdomen pains and waist pains. Or if you are a very busy office staff with heavy computer paperwork, you sit in front of your computer a lot, then you might need to relieve your stiff neck and shoulders, and the wrists too. These 4 heaters will help you a lot to ease the pains at the same time.

The overall wellness need to take the whole body as ONE integrity. When the pains occur, usually it will affect many parts of the body.

Q4: Why use magnet-attract between heater and the patch?

This is to make it easy to use. If you need some heating warmth, just start the heater and put it on the patch. Or take it if you don't need it any more. Plus it is easy and convenient use even at work, at home or travelling, anywhere on-the-go.

This user-friendly product also enable elderly people do the self-care easily.


Q5: Why there is 3 levels of smart temperature control?

There are 2 reasons:

#1. Compared to traditional hot application, the smart temperature control is more reliable and stable at temperature of 45 degree, 50 degree and 55 degree. While traditional one may be too hot and not stable.

#2: We don't want too long time heats on the body parts. Hot therapy needs timing control.

Q6: Do you have any certificates for your product?

Of course, we do. Our product Seedze Relief is recommended by doctors, and have registered the trademark and patent, as well as product certificates in USA, UK and EU. You can entrust our quality.

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