Seedze Relief: Wearable Instant Relief

Relieve Chronic Pain and Stress.

Relax Your Mind.

Anytime. Anywhere.

About Seedze Relief

Nowadays more and more people suffer from chronic pain every day, especially with our dependence on screens.

Inspired by thousands of years of traditional therapy, by combining multiple cutting-edge technologies from Physics, Biology, Medical and traditional aromatherapy to generate synergistic relief effects, we created Seedze Relief: a device that provides multi-level relief experiences like never before.

Seedze Relief is a compact & wearable relief portable device that has three levels of smart temperature
control, provides stable temperature thermo-therapy and enables you precisely target your multiple positions.

Seedze Relief can effectively and easily relieve chronic pains, reduce stress, and improve your health and wellness.


How Does Seedze Relief Work?

Seedze Relief combines cutting-edge graphene heating technology, far infrared light wave treatment, and plant essential aromatherapy to create a never-before relief experience for chronic pain and stress management.



Seedze Patch uses 100% pure natural-plant essential oils combination that relieves your pains / stress and improves your wellness.


Seedze is clinical-tested and proved effective, recommended by doctors for self-care treatment, and is a certified patented product.


Seedze combines cutting-edge graphene heating technology, infrared light waves and aromatherapy to create multiple levels of relief experience.

Self-Care Your Chronic Pains

Though more and more people are suffering from chronic pains, yet not everyone has the time or money to visit the doctor REGULARLY.

Seedze Relief enables you to self-care your pains anytime, anywhere.

Seedze provides you continuous self-care relief experience without time or money limit compared to visits to the doctor.

Seedze Wearable instant Relief for chronic pain & stress anytime anywhere

Wearable Relief On-the-Go

Maybe you are too busy, and even taking a moment to relax is a luxury.

No worry. Seedze allows you to relieve your pain even when you are on-the-go.

Just attach Seedze on your back, neck, shoulders, wrists, knees, anywhere on your body, and enjoy Seedze's instant relieving effects.